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A7II + FE 55mm f1.8 Zeiss + FE 70-200 G - Normal?

Discussion in 'Sony DSLR' started by Jamie, Aug 20, 2016.

  1. Jamie

    Jamie New Member

    Recently took the plunge into full frame and have so far been confused by some results. I'm having the well documented issues with tracking moving subjects (small children) and nailing focus, which to some extent is expected.

    However, there are a few other issues I'm looking for some advice on. I bought the FE 55mm 1.8 Zeiss and 70-200 G for good focal length coverage and figured these would both be fast enough lenses for tracking movement and nailing AF on at least some shots. This is rarely the case with either lens. Despite the A7ii seemingly locking onto the eye/face when focusing, I find the resulting images to almost always miss the mark. Is this normal? I had hoped to rely on the focus box being accurate and not implying the focus has been locked only to later discover at 100% that it's off. I'm shooting wide open at f1.8 (55) or f4 (70-200) and in good light for these shots and still not getting a decent return.

    Additionally, I'm seeing heavy vignetting on the 55 Zeiss. I know that there is some degree to be expected wide open, but as per the attached image, I feel this is unusually significant. I don't see anything like this on the 35mm f1.8 (SEL35f18) on the A6000 when shooting wide open.

    Even in still portraits, I feel the detail/focus is not there in the right areas when shooting with either the 55 or 70-200G. I've uploaded a couple of example shots (SOOC) from both these lenses below. Would appreciate any thoughts on these, in relation to the above

    Note: the A7ii was purchased only last week and when I took this home and opened it up, I noticed a large fingerprint smudge on sensor. Took it back to dealer for a wet clean the next day. The 70-200 shot below was taken before the wet clean and the 55mm indoor portrait was taken afterwards.


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