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Nikon D7100 or D5500

Discussion in 'Nikon DSLR' started by Salvador, Aug 1, 2016.

  1. Salvador

    Salvador Member

    • You gotta get comfortable with the viewfinder. Set the diopter for your eyesight and learn to love it. Ambitions to use Live View all the time on a DSLR will end in tears.
    • The decision between the 5500 and the 7100 should be about:
    Weight vs durability,
    1. Complexity vs control,
    2. Dody size,
    3. The folding screen, and
    4. The older lenses if you have them.

    • The 7100 "banding" is a complete red herring, only impacting internet forum debates
    • The 7100 buffer, on the other hand, is a real limitation if your style involves blasting away with the shutter down while shooting RAW. Of course, if you're willing to slow the process down to Live View speeds, the buffer is the least of your worries!
    They are both great cameras with crazy IQ - I hope you find a way to make one of them work for you!
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  2. James

    James Member

    Really interesting and informative post. I have experience with neither cameras, but appreciate your report on them. Kudos
  3. Sandy

    Sandy New Member

    I was actually currently trying to decide if I should buy a 7100 or a 5500. Thanks a lot for sharing this.
  4. johnson

    johnson New Member

    May I respectfully ask WHY you chose dSLR ???

    Is it because you feel it provides the "best" quality images ???

    That used to be true ... but TIMES HAVE CHANGED ....

    Are you aware new technology has made mirrorless today EQUAL or SUPERIOR any dSLR w/ many more advantages and features never available on dSLR ???

    With dSLR you are totally dependent on cams metering system to guess at correct exposure.

    With mirrorless you have both WB and exposure preview with direct visual-feedback when you make adjustments or EC. (you actually have "over"-exposure warnings not available on dSLR)


    New (BSI) technology has also improved sensor quality so "super-zoom" can be hardly indistinguishable from larger sensor.

    In your price range I suggest you at least look at the Panasonic FZ-1000. It has a macro-focusing LEICA lens from 25mm to 400mm, (and as 20mpx can be digital-zoomed to 3200mm).

    IT is FASTER (DFD-AF) than any other camera currently on the market and unsurpassed 5-axis IS.

    It simply has more "features" (for more "FUN") than any other camera currently on the market.

    It will do Panoramics, Multiple-Exposures, HDR, auto-Bracketing.

    Handheld NIGHT-shot (a auto-"stacking" mode for low-light noise reduction)

    And also 4K-video w/ FRAME-GRAB for a new paradigm in action/sports "timing".

    12 fps burst speed (or 30fps using the 4K-video frame-grab).

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