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Try a compact system camera

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Camerakev, Sep 16, 2016.

  1. Camerakev

    Camerakev New Member

    I have a desire to get a CSC as it should be a bit much convenient than my recent bridge camera. I have a few options in my price range. Basically, I can get a double lens kit set for either the Olympus Pen PL5, Sony a5000 or Nikon J5. The reviews are hard to compare as the Olympus is much older and reviews are normally baselines against the rivals at that time. On paper, I think the Olympus reviews are well ahead, but they are 3-4 years old. So, can anybody tell me which of the 3 named cameras give the best quality?
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  2. johnson

    johnson New Member

    Define "best quality". There are reasons each camera system exists and is viable in the marketplace--it's the best choice for somebody. Everybody's needs and budgets are different. What are your needs and what is your budget? What is it you want to shoot your current gear won't let you do? What subjects are you most likely to shoot, and what is it you look for in image quality/camera features?

    While sensor format size has an impact on image quality, a lot of us are willing to make tradeoffs. A smaller sensor may not have as big a dynamic range or as good high iso performance, but they can also mean a smaller superzoom or supertele lens, macro capability without a separate lens, and a smaller/lighter camera.

    Your goal here is not to find the best camera. It's to find the best camera for you. There are reasons people shoot with dSLRs, or mirrorless, or large sensor compacts, (or, for that matter, film, medium format, and large format). What's going to work best for you depends on what you need the camera to shoot and how much you've got to spend.

    You can also set aside some budget to rent gear to see if it's going to be a good fit.
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